About the Journal

ASEANA Science and Education Journal (ASEANA) [ISSN 2735-069X eISSN 2805-4474] is a peer-reviewed international journal which welcomes submission involving a critical discussion of policy and practice, as well as contributions to conceptual and theoretical developments in the field not only restricted in the context of Asian region but also open to other regions. It includes articles based on empirical research and analysis (qualitative, quantitative and mix method), systematic literature review and short communication in which it welcomes papers from a wide range of disciplinary in the context of education and inter-disciplinary perspectives pure sciences.

The journal embraces the broad range of settings and ways in which science education professionals learning takes place. It is interested in the study of curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment, economic, cultural context in the society.

When submitting papers to the journal, authors are encouraged to consider and engage with critical analysis concerning issues relevant to the focus of their work that have been previously published in this journal.


ASEANA is published online with a frequency of TWO (2) issues per year (July and December). Besides that, special issues of ASEANA will be published non-periodically from time to time.